A Conversation with Prof. Georgios Halkias

Prof. Georgios Halkias hails from Rhodes, one of the many (nearly 6,000…) Grecian islands dotting the Aegean Sea. He is now happily one of the new teaching staff at the Centre of Buddhist Studies. Prof. Halkias received his Master in Comparative Ph

The MBS Class of 2014 Gift: Establishing a Culture of Giving at CBS

As Josephine Leung (class of 2014) progressed through the Master of Buddhist Studies (MBS) programme, she wondered how she could support Buddhism once she graduated.  She also wondered how she could adequately express her love for the Centre of Budd

A Chat with Ven. Dipananda

Ven. Dipananda always has a smile on his face and a warm chuckle just waiting to break out if given the chance. He is a personal friend of mine whom I have come to know well, helping me with rudimentary Bangla before my trip to Bangladesh. After grad

Ven. Buddhavamsa: Journey from Myanmar to Hong Kong

Diversity in the composition of students and lecturers is one of the strengths underlying the foundation of the Centre of Buddhist Studies: local Hong Kongers, China, South and Southeast Asia, Europe, Canada, Cuba and the U.S. amongst others. The mon

In the First CBS Intake

Venerable Professor Dhammajoti in Retirement

Venerable Professor K.L. Dhammajoti retired from the Centre of Buddhist Studies at the end of 2014.  In order to continue pursuing his scholarly research and teaching, he founded The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong in Wanchai.  As part of its vis

Hong Kong University’s Centre of Buddhist Studies has a moral mission

Those who have seen the newest poster from The Hong Kong University’s Centre of Buddhist Studies will not necessarily like it. Judging from reactions both online and off, the general reception among staff, students, and the general public has been